For years broadcast professionals have planned each hour of the day by drawing a circle on a piece of paper using a protractor and dividing up the hour using a ruler. They would then decide when to take commercial breaks, when to air traffic and weather reports and so on.
This was not a professional way to create a radio show clock, or hot clock. And, if you made a mistake, you had better have a lot of erasers and paper to start over. The only other option was to purchase expensive graphic software and then ask the graphics department for their help - and then hope to receive the clock the way you want it and on time.

That's why Impressive Interfaces developed
The software was developed by a broadcast professional with your day to day operational and programming needs in mind. Its high quality, versatile design will allow you to quickly and easily create radio program hot clocks for use on the web, sales calls, staff training and for program changes.
The best part is that once you have created a clock, you can save the clock for any future revisions or printouts, and you can export the clocks to a PDF or image for mass distribution, presentations and for displaying on websites. These features, plus a dedicated support network, make The Broadcast Clock Creator perfect for local or syndicated broadcasts!

This is the map of the radio stations, networks and organizations where The Broadcast Clock Creator is in use: 

Throw out the protractor and ruler and order your copy of the software!