Version 3.0 Update

Version 3.0 Nearly Complete

- We are almost finished with the new version of The Broadcast Clock Creator - Version 3.0. We are now in the language translation process and hope to have the new version out before the end of the year.

In this new version, we have updated and enhanced many of the features. Some of these new features include the ability to preview images, text and comments with your clock at the same time, plus a new feature that is called the "Active Clock".

With the "Active Clock", you create a clock using The Broadcast Clock Creator as usual. Once you have created your clock, you can have this clock displayed in real time on your desktop computer with a countdown to the next segment, time remaining in the current segment and many other options that can be customized. Note the red line in the first Show Segment - this is the current time in the hour and continuously moves.

If you have purchased the current version of The Broadcast Clock Creator, you will receive the new version as a FREE upgrade. Check for updates on your version periodically. Once the new version is released the price will increase slightly with these new enhanced features. So, order your copy of The Broadcast Clock Creator today!